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Spannocchia Honey Harvest

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    Take a virtual tour of Spannocchia's honey processing. The farm is located on 1200 acres in Tuscany, Italy.
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Aaron Kagan

Do you know how available that catch was for local consumption? Could you have it fresh in town, or was it all being shipped off?

With that kind of operation I always recall a story of Calvin Trillin's, in which he postulated that Alaska must be sending Florida all it's seafood and vice versa, given the quality of wharfside dining in both places.

Hope CA's treating you nice. Hello, year round growing season!

Cousin Eddie

That catch was not available in the processing plant cafeteria. The catch was revenue and it was for selling. There is much sustinance living in Alaska, but around the fish plants it was all about making a living.

Cousin Eddie

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