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Spannocchia Honey Harvest

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    Take a virtual tour of Spannocchia's honey processing. The farm is located on 1200 acres in Tuscany, Italy.
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Eat any vitello tonnato yet?


I love the PHOTOS! I had no idea you were such a pro!

Becca Lucas

Sounds blissful Suzie! I am picturing myself sitting in the fields with you. Keep up with your detailed descriptions, it excites me to see your new posts. Do you have a flickr acct? I'd love to see more of your pictures. -Becca


Suzie -
I love hearing about your experiences!! And yes, more photos would be wonderful!! Can't wait to hear about the porcini hunting. A very recent New Yorker had a piece on mushroom hunters/hunting in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Awaiting the next installment :-) XOXO Karen

Amy Douglas

I have really been thinking about you Suzie and wondering what amazing things you are experiencing! I can't wait to read more!


Suzie This will be such a wonderful imprint on your sensory memory. This experience is something most people only dream of. Pinch yourself and DRINK it in. I so enjoy your pictures and writing.

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