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Sisters Suzie and Christy Yates are currently living on opposite coasts of the US but come together to spill about what matters to them: farm news, food ethics, pastry ideas and what is cooking in their kitchens and in their minds.

Christy is a private chef in Cambridge, MA and also works under Maura Kilpatrick and Ana Sortun at the celebrated new bakery Sofra. She formerly worked at Formaggio Kitchen as a cheese monger, a chocolate buyer and baker and a cook. She also had the opportunity to study under Anne Willan at La Varenne in Burgundy, France and did a stint in a chocolate chop in Brittany.

Suzie has moved west to California and is soaking up sun in the Bay area while she starts a low income CSA. She traded in the Boston city life for an education in sustainable farming at UC Sana Cruz and can’t seem to tear herself away from the long, exciting growing season of the West Coast and her amazing new kitchen garden.


yogurt, making jam, ice cream and reservations